Welcome to Ruby’s Outdoor Rendezvous eTraining!

We are currently featuring our first eCourse, “Whitetail Deer Hunter Methods, Strategies and Safety”.

We recommend that first time users watch this short video below.  Our host, Jayne Doe will explain how to register as a user, enroll in the eCourse, proceed through the lessons, take the quizzes and download and print your Certificate of Completion.

You can enroll on our site by first registering as a user. You will need a Valid Email Address and you’ll need to select a User Name which cannot be changed later.

Your password will be electronically generated and sent to the Email address you provide on our registration screen.

By following the link in your registration email, you will arrive at the eTraining Solutions Dashboard. By default, you will be taken to your personal Profile.


Here you can make changes to your personal Profile and change your password from the electronically generated password that was emailed to you.

To ensure that your correct name will be printed on your Certificate of Completion when you finish the course add your First and Last names to your profile.

Be sure to click on “Update Profile” to save any changes you make. You will get a notification that your Profile is updated.


Click on “My Courses” to see the list of eCourses available. At this time, there is only one eCourse, Whitetail Deer Hunter Clinic.

Under the status column on the right side of the screen, Select the “Click to Enroll” button. Your status will change to indicate that you are now enrolled in the eCourse.

Click on the “View Lessons” link, in the center column. You’ll see that this eCourse has 6 short lessons each with a short quiz on the material presented.

Each lesson has a brief video clip followed by a link to Quiz. When you are ready to begin, click on the link to Lesson 1.

Click on the “Play Button” to watch the video clip. When you finish watching the video, click the link below the frame to take the quiz.

Follow the on screen directions to complete all 6 lessons. When you complete the final quiz, follow the link to get your Certificate.

It is in pdf format, so that you can download and print it, if you want a hard copy.  ( FREE Adobe pdf reader is available to download and install here! )

Returning users can click here or on the menu bar above to Log In.

We hope you find this Ruby’s Outdoor Rendezvous eCourse informative. Feel free to Contact Us with suggestions and comments. Thank you.

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